Venus Retrogression Effect

How will Venus Retrogression affect you in 2023?


Venus remains in retrograde motion for about 45 days every 15–16 months.
This time, the period will be from 23 July 2023 to 4 September 2023 . It will be in Leo sign then retrograde to Cancer and then come back to Leo sign in October 2023.
  1. Venus is considered the planet of convenience , comfort , enjoyment , food , entertainment . In short , Venus represents the bodily enjoyments and women as a gender. So, when this planet becomes retrograde (abnormal motion) , it will create abnormal situations in food sector , entertainment sector , luxury goods , tourism industry and supply side issues will be there so people will face scarcity of food , electricity , shelter etc . The reason could be many .
  2. Before we go in further details , we may revisit the last Venus retrograde which happened in December 2021 to January 2022 end . That was in Sagittarius and Capricorn signs , which fall in 6th house of disease from Cancer Moonsign in Indian Freedom horoscope.
  3. So, the last time , when Venus retrograde happened , suddenly Corona had third wave in Omicron Variant and the lockdown happened in January 2022 in most places . It was peak winter season of tourists and marriage season and everything got disrupted .
  4. This time , the Venus retrograde will be mostly in Cancer Sign , which is watery sign and it is also the Moonsign in Indian freedom horoscope . Moon is also for emotional issues .
  5. So, you can expect food supply issues . Their prices are likely to shoot up . Moon , Venus both represent water in astrology and Cancer is also watery sign , so expect serious water related disasters ( water borne diseases, extreme rain,landslide, flash floods and drought at some places ).
  6. In addition to this , women’s emotional issues will become serious during this time , particularly for rulers ( Leo sign also included ). The rainy season crops production will be severely affected in India and elsewhere .
  7. At international level also , the food grain prices will rise and the exporting countries will declare a ban on the exports of wheat , rice etc and that will cause food crisis in several countries . Russia has already disallowed Ukraine’s wheat and other edible exports and India banned rice and wheat exports.
In the personal horoscopes, the transit of retrograde Venus will affect the person as per his / her Moonsign and that may reduce the comfort level during this period. People born in Venus retrograde can expect a surprise during this period while those with Venus ascendant will feel the heat .

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