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Repercussions of Saturn Entering into Scorpio

अच्छे और बुरे दिनों का टाइम टेबल :

Before I discuss the impact of Saturn's entry into Scorpio, it would be better to see what it did during its stay in Libra sign in last 3 years. For that , we should learn some basic rules of Indian astrology with regard to Jupiter and Saturn . There are following rules which we shall use in our  discussions.

Basic Rules 

1. Saturn is considered exalted ( Uchcha) in Libra sign , which is like India  signified more in Delhi . Libra sign symbol is Judicial Balance and Libra denotes Liberty while Saturn itself is like a minister for lower rung , rightless and powerless people. So, its exaltation happens in Libra. Democracy , liberty , equality , socialism ( objectives of Preamble in Indian Constitution) are under Saturn's domain only. 

2. Saturn , where ever placed in a rashi, enhances the attributes of that rashi while it simultaneously looks at 3 other Rashis ( 3rd, 7th and 10th counted from Saturn, shown above in chart ) , where it creates upheavals for changes and reforms .

3. Jupiter is considered exalted in Cancer sign , which is a symbol for happiness , fulfillment ,contentment and wisdom. Cancer being a Moon ( Mind's ) sign , it signifies that unless your mind becomes content , using wisdom , only then you can become really happy and feel God's blessings , otherwise there is no end to cravings and hoarding of material things.

4.  Jupiter , where ever posited in a Rashi , stagnates the prospects of that rashi significations ( but brings satisfaction)  , while it enhances prospects for 3 other rashis it looks ( 5th, 7th and 9th) .     

Saturn in Libra during Nov 2011 to October 2014 

 As we see in chart in start of post , Saturn was in Libra during said period and Saturn created worldwide upheavals for rulers and favoured general public through many civil rights  movements during the period. Notable reforms among them were :

  • Huge Public Protests in Europe , particularly in failed economy states like Greece, Portugal , Spain and Ireland.
  • Occupy the Wall Street Movement  in USA against blatant capitalism.
  • Wikileak's disclosures maligned the rulers worldwide. 
  • Arab Spring Phenomenon causing overthrowing of dictators of decades  in Yemen ,Libya ,Egypt etc .
  • A general discontent was seen worldwide against rulers and govts all over the world.
  • India was no different and the govt. of Manmohan Singh had lowest popularity . The 16th December 2012 Gangrape incident jolted the whole country and there were huge protests.  
  • Anna Hazare's anti- corruption, Lokpal movement and rise of Aam Admi Party (AAP) under Arvind Kejriwal  created huge expectations  from public . 
  • Public in India removed the Congress Govts by huge margins and a popular leader became PM of India . 
  • The process for reforms in Judiciary started during this period. Judicial Accountability bill was passed in Parliament. 
  • Libra is also for trade and retail sector . This sector also experienced reforms process by onset of online retailing in bigway in the form of  arrival of Flipkart , Snapdeal etc , reducing margins for offline retailers .

Coming to 3 Rashis , seen by Saturn , where there were problems were Aries, Sagittarius  and Cancer . These had following issues :

Aries  :  There were more than regular border clashes with China and Pakistan during this period .         Ex- Army Chief fought court case against Govt. in Supreme Court , creating awkward situation for govt.  

Sagittarius :  There were prominent religious riots in UP ( Muzaffarnagar ) and elsewhere . High profile religious personality Asaram Bapu   was arrested in rape case and still in Jail . Sai Baba worship in Hindu temples , Love Jehad were other religious issues in India . 

Cancer :  Manufacturing , automobile and construction sector witnessed recession 

 With Saturn leaving Libra sign , all movements and activism , anti govt. sentiments  have  become non-issues and world has returned  back to normalcy, just as an office resumes its routine after an audit inspection  or senior authority's visit  or peace  after a storm. 

  During the height of AAP movement in December 2013, many persons had asked me about success factor for this new party and I had replied them that it was a phenomenon of Saturn in Libra and its real potential will be considerably reduced by October 2014 , when Saturn leaves Libra. 

Saturn in Scorpio 


 Saturn has now moved to Scorpio . Scorpio sign is owned by Mars , a planet for wars , battles and bloodshed . Mars has 2 signs : Aries and Scorpio and both have aggressive operations but there is one difference . Aries is like open fire and blast while Scorpio is more like smouldering fire in a coal mine, submarine war or intelligence & spying type of war (  using Information Technology) .

So, Saturn in Scorpio means that world will engage itself in silent and secret wars , where the process will not be seen but results will make the headlines e.g. assassination attempts on a govt. head . All governments will prepare for clandestine ways to sabotage the enemy. There will be scandals and scams during this period from unexpected areas and people. Major Earthquake ( an underground phenomenon) is another big possibility.  

On positive sides , the Scorpio sign represents underground activities of mining . These activities, which were halted during Libra period  will be revived and  gain momentum. So, coal , mineral mining will get boosted. There may be crisis in underground water table and govt. may have to enforce the legislation on its use. Oil and gas exploration will also be focus area and that may result in over supply , causing fall in their prices.

  From Scorpio, Saturn will look to Taurus ,Leo  and Capricorn . This will create problems / upheavals in Banking sector ( Taurus ) , Leo ( Sovereign Govt. , Energy & Education Sector ) and Capricorn ( Govt. servants , functionaries  and prominent people of all streams ) . Scorpio is also for surprise break ups. 

   30 years  before when Saturn was in Scorpio last time , we had a govt. with absolute majority , headed by late Rajiv Gandhi in January 1985 and it got embroiled in Bofors Scam in 1987 and it was done by Sh. VP Singh , close confidante of PM Rajiv Gandhi. PM Rajiv Gandhi was also attacked by a Sri Lankan navy sailor during Guard of honour in July 1987 in Sri Lanka .  Let us see , what is in store now from destiny during current Scorpio transit of Saturn.

 How long Good Days ( अच्छे दिन कब तक ) ?

 When  Saturn is aspected  by Jupiter , Saturn remains under control and that time may be considered GOOD DAYS. When it is not looked by Jupiter , days are bad and when Saturn looks the Jupiter, there are sure bad days ! 

1.  Just after a month of swearing in ceremony of Modi Govt. , it started getting brickbats for not fulfilling people's aspirations and promises . It was an anti climax . PM Modi became silent like earlier PM. FIIs and financial sector became pessimistic after budget , BJP failed in bye elections despite love jehad activism, onion and tomato prices increased.

It happened because Jupiter was not looking at Saturn after 20th June 2014 rather Saturn


started looking at Jupiter the protector. So people and opposition started taunting about  missing  Achchhe Din ! 

 2.   In October 2014, situation started changing . The politician Modi returned in campaigning in polls of Haryana and Maharashtra and won them also. Commodity prices cooled down . Fall in international crude oil prices from 115$ to 84$ paved the way for reduction in petrol and diesel prices . Sensex again reached to 27000 level.

This situation of feel good is likely to continue till  July 2015  as now Jupiter is looking at Saturn .

 3.   When Jupiter changes sign in July 2015, Saturn will again become uncontrolled , as it will look at  Jupiter  .  Rahu will also be joining Jupiter(Guru) , weakening Guru further .

So June 2015 to June 2016 will be the period of return of BAD DAYS again , when there may be price rise , internal problems , fall of sensex and weakening of govt. confidence or  govt. becoming unpopular. Guru-Rahu meeting in the same period also means that there may be international financial scare behind such bad days. Things will start improving  only after July 2016 .    


 ( This analysis and projections has been done as per transit phenomenon of Jupiter and Saturn , based on classical Indian astrological texts and it is not based on any individual chart .  )

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I work with oil and gas sector. The predictions on this sector by Mr YC Shulka are absolutely correct. If this article is written in 2014 then predictions for 2016 are unbelievably correct. I am a scorpion and fhe statement "june 2015 to june 2016 will be RETURNOF BAD DAYS" is correct in my case.

Though I firmly believe that the almighty is decider of every movement but I simply loved this article.


Great analysis for oil prices in 2015-16 as on Jan 9th 2016
"Oil and gas exploration will also be focus area and that may result in over supply , causing fall in their prices."
Good understanding of planetary movements and precise predictions for item 3:

"So June 2015 to June 2016 will be the period of return of BAD DAYS again , when there may be price rise , internal problems , fall of sensex and weakening of govt. confidence or govt. becoming unpopular."

I wish people encourage great astrologers like Y C SHUKLA.