Month: January 2019

Do Kaal Sarpa & Naga Dosha Remedies Work ?

  Image from Kaal Sarpa dosha and Naga dosha are frequently cited doshas by Vedic astrologers for which Puja is recommended in Ujjain or Kalahasteeshwara temple along with with donating a silver snake. Does it really affects us or it is just a gimmick to extort money from astrology ignorant seeker ? Read below …

Do Kaal Sarpa & Naga Dosha Remedies Work ? Read More »

Why do astrologers fail to predict correctly ?

Many people complain that astrologers failed in predicting correctly about the impending disasters in their life. Space scientists forget something and the mission fails, doctors forget something and patient suffers and similarly astrologers also overlook something and prediction fails . Practice of anything is subject to human failures . Let me concentrate on astrological prediction failure .