How Aquarius Saturn will Affect You & The World ?

On 28 January 2020 , I had written this about Saturn coming to Capricorn :

Saturn is now in Capricorn since 24 January 2020 and it will be there till April 2022 . The next transit of Saturn would also be in its own sign Aquarius till March 2025 . Therefore effectively Saturn would be quite powerful for next 5 years and it would shape new kind of politics and economy all over world.

How It Affects Politics & Economy ?

Saturn is natural planet for Karma , job , profession and Capricorn is the sign for work , recognition, name and fame . This sign is considered Human Resource (HR) Sign. So , expect big changes in hiring policies all over world . The permanent , secure kind of government or private sector jobs may be reduced further while there would be more short term , contractual hiring which will increase employment though high paying jobs will be few . 

Saturn represents mass people , the powerless toiling billions and they get empowered when Saturn reaches Capricorn but the results are visible when it reaches Aquarius. That shows possibility of mass agitations against authority through out its stay in Capricorn . 

Now this Saturn is reaching to Aquarius on 29th April 2022 , though it will remain here till 12 July 2022 and again come back in January 2023 and stay till March 2025 .

As predicted , we have already witnessed the impact of Saturn in Capricorn , which first led to immense sufferings to people via pandemic and war in Afghanistan and Ukraine .

That created mass agitations against authority everywhere. This led to the defeat of US President Donald Trump in Nov 2020 elections and return of the Democrats in power. The Saturn in Aquarius dethroned many arrogant leaders like Donald Trump in US , Imran Khan in Pakistan and now Sri Lankan political family of Rajapakse is now feeling the heat and most likely they may have to step down .

In India , PM Modi faced the most severe criticism of his career during Covid second wave when lakhs of people died and suffered the bad health services . He also had to take back his agricultural reforms as farmers kept on protesting for more than a year in the Capital Delhi. 

On employment front, people suffered initially but soon it opened a whole new segment of employment in Home Delivery and Work from Home culture took off everywhere in Administration, Education , Healthcare and IT sectors . The Information Technology sector is now witnessing a big boom with rising salaries and recruitment. The experience of Long Lockdown was unique for everyone .

 Overall , we can say that Saturn in Capricorn brought a Resetting of Economy , Global Relationship, Employment , Public Administration and people learned a new way of living and working.

That is what for the Saturn is known in astrology . It puts limits to existing  capabilities and then teaches how to slowly expand those limits and venture into new area.

What May Happen till March 2025 ?

 Now, let us focus on what may happen in Saturn’s Aquarius stay . The last time it was in Aquarius during March 1993 to Feb 1996 ( leaving few months in 1995 in Pisces ).

The main event was the start of World Trade Organization on 1st January 1995 , which created free trade world wide and opened the closed economies of India and China . Liberalization and globalization started after this .

Now also , we are moving to a new world order where we can again go to bipolar world consisting of  China-Russia-Iran-Pakistan- North Korea on one side and US -Canada- Europe- Australia – Japan -South Korea on the other side . India may be doing the balancing act between the two power blocks .

That will lead to two trade blocks which may be controlled by the Dollar and Yuan Currency and WTO may get dismantled and a new trade agreement may happen. The whole process may take time till year 2030 .

India saw many caste and religion based clashes during 1990 to 1995 like Babri Demolition and Mandal Commission . This time also we are seeing it from 2020 onward in the form of  Rama Temple and Nationalist sentiments and the same will be witnessed till 2025 .

Opening up of economy was the hallmark of this period in 1993-1995  and this we will see in 2022-25 period . The Indian economy will have good growth as government will ease the restrictions and open up new sectors for private businesses and import substitution .

Some major breakout of a contagious disease is also expected in India during this time , apart from the violent events. We saw 1993 Mumbai Blasts and Surat Plague in 1994 last time.

Comparatively , the period of Saturn in Aquarius is better than Saturn in Capricorn , still 50%  Saturn effect remains in this period. 

Let us now discuss the Saturn transit effect on individuals based on their Moonsigns.

Individual Rashi Phal for 12 Zodiac Moonsigns ( Till March 2025)


Saturn will be 11th from Aries , so it is gain time till Shani Sadesati starts from March 2025 onward . Good time for career , money but worries may start increasing on health and children front .


Saturn being in 10th from Taurus sign, it is time for career switch , promotion, house buying or construction activities. Journey abroad is also possible.


This sign people will get rid of 8th Saturn Dhaiyya transit and feel better compared to last 2 years . Next 7.5 years will have good transit of Saturn in 9, 10 and 11th houses so gains in career , income are expected in next 7-8 years .


This sign people will undergo 8th Dhaiyya transit till March 2025 . This will affect finances, family , career and children . Change in job , reduction in money , disputes in family are other possibilities. Have patience , don’t rush for gains , first think and then decide .


Saturn will be visiting 7th house of opponents and spouse . If you have marriageable age , you have good prospects for marriage till March 2025 . This period will increase your work and home related responsibilities .


Saturn is coming to 6th house from your sign. It is the time to go for new gains , setting up new ventures which were stuck up so far . Going abroad , meeting , communicating with new people , online publicity etc are possible till March 2025 .


You will be relieved from 4th transit Dhaiyya which you suffered in last 2.5 years. Transit in 5th house means new opportunities in learning,  teaching , birth of children , creative activity like writing a book or making a movie is possible. 


This sign people will start their 4th transit Shani Dhaiyya . That can create health issues for the self , family,  or accidents, disputes , litigation related events. Career will also be affected and there may be major change in job responsibility.


Shani Sadesati would be ending for you . Saturn would transit in good 3rd house , recovering your lost performance in sadesati . Children or education learning related events are possible .Foreign journey is possible .  Financial gains also possible .


You will be undergoing the last phase of Shani Sadesati till March 2025. There would be improvement in career position , wealth and family addition are possible .Still some pain will remain in the last phase of Sadesati . 


You will undergo the middle phase of Shani Sadesati . That will bring challenges related to spouse, relationship , marriage possibility and career . There may be severe work load and family responsibilities , all coming at the same time. Maintain patience and don’t be in a hurry to decide big issues in career or marriage.


This sign people will be starting Shani Sadesati first phase . During this period , there may be events connected to relocation of residence, increase in expenses / losses , separation from family , start of health issues or litigation . Don’t go for new projects in big scale , be careful in new ventures , don’t expect more income in short time .

These effects are generic and these can get modified with respect to individual’s dasha and planetary position in birth horoscope.


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