How does the birth of a baby affect your destiny ?

    An astrological chart has 12 houses and each house also represents a relative or acquaintance . This way each house is lively represented by such person and association or separation from such relative has significant meaning and hint for the future destiny and that is why a good astrologer can tell something even without a chart , when there is change in such association.

    For example , second house tells about family members , third about younger siblings and neighbours , fourth about Mother, fifth about children, sixth about mother’s siblings, seventh about Spouse , 8th about spouse family , 9th about your teacher / guru /mentor , 10th about father , boss , 11th about friends and elder siblings and 12th about strangers / foreigner.

   So, any significant event about a relative also indicates matters associated with that house . Like 5th house is about birth or events connected to children but being 8th from 10th house , it also shows changes in 10th house of profession . So, you can observe with birth of children , people also have significant changes in their job / career / business ( good or bad ) .

   Many times, imminent rise in luck factor of children is always associated with downfall of parents . For example , killing of Mrs. Indira Gandhi in 1984 led to son Rajiv Gandhi becoming PM overnight . Similarly , unexpected victory of Indira Gandhi in Jan 1980 ( 10th house ) leads to sudden death of her son Sanjay Gandhi in June 1980.

  Actually , when you are living alone , your luck geometry is like a point , when you get married , two points are joined and a line geometry of luck happens , when couple get a child birth , luck geometry changes to triangle and with more children , it becomes poly-angled geometry. Same is true when a member separates .Life can never be the same with and without a family member and luck factor will show this change.

That is why , association / separation of a person by way of birth, marriage , death, partnership etc necessarily results in significant changes in luck geometry and an astute astrologer can predict confidently for rise or fall in luck factor, if he co-relates the chart with such events.

That is why , the birth of a child may lead to significant rise in status of a family , if child is born with a good luck factor and reverse can happen if child is born with high bad luck factor. The same is true for a marriage , death , business partnership or association with anew friend.

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