When Destiny Takes A Turn

The 3 Ps which Change Your Destiny

People go to an astrologer to know when their destiny will change . Of course , they want to know good turn of destiny i.e. when good luck will happen . Rarely a person would ask about impending dangers or arrival of bad luck when one is enjoying in life . As an astrologer , now I will explain on what factors, turn around in luck happens .

The ancient Indian astrology says that Luck or Destiny is dependent on three Ps , called Place , Period and Person( देश , काल पात्र ). These 3 form a triangle as shown in below image :

Let us describe each of them .

1. Place ( Geography / Environment / Climate )

This is the most amenable side of Luck Triangle . By changing this side , the area of triangle can increase or decrease . And this is the only factor which is open to change as you only need to move from a place to another .

But this place change works at various levels like layers in onion . For example , your living room comes at unit place , your house comes at decade place , your area in city comes at hundredth place , your city at thousandth , state at ten thousandth and country would come at hundred thousandth ( lakh) place value if we consider value of Place in destiny decision .

So, each place value matters but its change value may be from 1 to 1 lakh and that works in both directions i.e. Good or Bad .

2. Person or Entity

Here we take all such active entity or persons who generally have a date of birth or start . So , all living beings , persons , organisations , companies etc would be included , which are again controlled or operated by live persons .

In this also , the onion layer rule applies but the factor operates in reverse way . Here , you get the 100,000th place value as you alone can make other choices and that includes your mental, physical and attitudinal potential. At 10000th place lie your family members who live with you permanently , at 1000th place , your relatives , close friends / neighbours , at 100th place your colleagues / business associate / clients / customers and at 10th place , the distant relatives / Facebook like friends and at rest of people will fall under unit place .

It is very difficult to change them and only some changes can be done to little extent .

3. Time Period

As you can see in above image , this forms the base of Luck Triangle and its length will depend upon other two sides length , otherwise , it is infinite theoretically. Other two sides are fully dependent on this side and it is beyond anybody / entity’s control . So, there is no option but to accept and adjust to it rather than wasting our limited energy to fight with this invisible power.

Compared to Place and Person , Time has infinite layers and human beings have done nomenclature to some extent like micro seconds to millennium etc . Time & Energy have been connected by E=MC2 , Einstein’s relativity theory , so each smallest unit of time is like an atom , which contains infinite energy . It can remain inert for unlimited period but can create big changes any moment . We know very little about Time to understand its working .

Aadi Shankaracharya when says ” मा कुरु धन जन यौवन गर्वं ,हरति निमेषात्कालः सर्वम्” ( Don’t pride your possessions of wealth ,popular support and Youth as Time can snatch everything in a moment ) , he is emphasising this aspect of time only .

Each of the 3 sides of Luck Triangle is unique in some sense like 3 dimensions of space ( length , width, depth ) . The Place is inert , static , person is movable and live while Time is invisible and mysterious . By definition, invisible entities are most powerful , followed by animate and then inanimate objects . So, Time is most powerful , person is next and place is least powerful factor ( so most amenable to change ) .

Let us see how Luck changes with above 3 Factors :

1. By (Natural) Change of Time

Let us talk first about the base of Luck triangle as other two are also based on this factor . Time is basically prodcut of planetary motion and they move in cyclical manner , so Time’s tendency is circular or cyclical in nature . That is why our clocks are also in circle . You can read more here http://lekhagar.blogspot.in/2011/09/what-is-scientific-basis-of-forcasting.html .

Any circle has no beginning or end and every point is same on a circle . Only when you fix a reference point on a circle , then other points on that circle can be defined as forward , backward, opposite etc . So, if any point on a circle is assumed as peak point then exactly after 180o , it will be its lowest point . Because of this reason , a person sitting in a giant swing , will reach to lowest point after sometime , even without doing anything .

That is like day and night happening regularly without human intervention . You cannot change the speed or stop this Time Wheel but you can find out its direction whether it is going upward or downward with your personal reference and then you can adopt a strategy accordingly . That is where astrological analysis comes into picture .

It is the Time’s cyclical motion only that first creates big boom in global economy and then political leaders world wide give credit for that boom to themselves and win election but when recession follows in Time cycle , then they blame it to global factors , not their mismanagement .

It is nothing but Time’s cyclical effect that Kings become paupers , draught-flood , poverty-richness , boom-bust of economy and companies , war-peace , construction-destruction , death-life keep on happening alternately .

That is why , even if you keep sitting at one place , doing nothing , you will still get ageing effect and environment around you will change and then your fortune will also undergo a change .

For example , a sheep rearing poor , illiterate farmer of Gurgaon ( India) can become a millionnaire over night at age of 60 , because of land acquisition of his barren land by govt. for construction of an express highway . In a reverse incidence , the millionaire farmers living in vicinity of Kosi river banks ( in Bihar, India ) and having highly fertile land became begger overnight, when the unprecedented flood swept away their house and fields with breach of river banks. Earthquakes can create similar scenes anywhere any time .

In short , Time’s effects are beyond our control and we have to accept and adjust with their role in destiny .

2. By Change of Person or Companionship

Because of association with certain persons or organisations run by them , your destiny can take a bad or good turn . It is like an iron piece getting magnetised by coming in contact with a magnet . This can bring good luck when you get associated with Luck persons and get unlucky when you associate with unlucky persons .

Again person himself may undergo good or bad luck due to Time’s effect as discussed earlier , so a person cannot remain Lucky or unlucky all the time . Associating with wine King Vijay Mallaya or his Kingfisher Airline before 2012 could be a lucky association but in 2016 , that becomes an unlucky association .

So, this factor is not entirely in your hand to associate or disassociate with a lucky or unlucky person but more controlled by your individual destiny and that is expressed in this proverb “ misfortunes never come alone ” . During good time , you get lot of lucky persons and in bad time you meet unlucky persons . Astrology helps you to understand such times . Marriage , death , birth , loss of employment , change of place etc are many factors which give rise to change in companionship we have and consequent change in luck factor !

3. By Change of Place

Place change is the easiest way for changing destiny . It regularly happens that when a person does not find a job or livelihood in his native place , he starts for a distant place and then his fortune changes . People going to foreign countries and those who undergo transfers in job always experience this change .

Astrologers would frequently say that your fortune will rise at a distant place . Many times , its reverse is also true . A successful company in native place , like Tata Steel , may suffer huge losses , when it starts working in U.K.

I have seen in many cases that a childless couple gets a birth of a child after being transferred to a place . Perhaps the child is destined to be born in certain place in another city . People going as labour to far off places within a country to another countries also change their fortunes by change of place only .

Other reasons to change a place may be for educational or medical reasons . Some people get better education in a distant place and some people are sent for medical treatment to foreign countries to get their health again . Like our place of birth being fixed , the death place is also fixed and person has to reach there in time .

Will The Change Be Good or Bad ?

Time , place and person change necessarily bring good or bad turn in destiny . A keen observation of the change can give you hint about its direction . Mostly , it is decided by the situations in which the change occurred . On meeting a new person , how you felt , whether it gave you happiness or problem and that may tell about future prospects from that new person . Same applies to place change . Though , these results may not be permanent and even such relationship undergoes change over a time .

For example , if you have got a job or admission in a college without much competition or obstacles , then it is mostly good for you and your stay there should be trouble free . And if you got it after much efforts and attempts , then you will not have great satisfaction on attaining it .

Basically , it is Time’s factor which again dictates the place and person change. When good Time is arriving , you will start meeting good or lucky persons and you reach such places also . And when your bad time starts happening , same place and people will start creating problems for you and that may be signal to change them .

Many persons overemphasise the role of Vaastu Shastra and feel that modifications in house can bring good luck . The reality is that you move to better houses when your luck is running strong and you leave same house when your luck diminishes . When you are elected President , you move to Presidential Palace and when your tenure ends , you have to get out of that .

Whether destiny will take a good or bad turn upon change in place / person can also be assessed by body feelings . If meeting a new person by way of marriage , job , new birth , friendship , makes you feel happy and it increases your safety , security , inner peace , health etc then it is good turn of destiny but if you feel otherwise and lose peace , sleep , health then it is a bad turn of destiny in long run , even if it may look attractive by way of good city , good company or designation or pay packet .

While assessing astrological charts , study of such changes is very important for a good astrologer in giving accurate prediction and overlooking these real time events can make your theoretical prediction completely wrong . Many times , symptoms or changes are so strong , that astrologer can confidently predict an event even without birth chart !

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