Who is a good astrologer ?

Who should be considered a good astrologer ? 

   Usually good event prediction is taken lightly and ignored by people . A correct prediction about a bad event gets huge publicity and credentials of astrologer are established with such predictions. But many people object to bad predictions about someone and Indian  laws also prohibit such predictions like death or loss to a person . So, the question arises who is a good astrologer for people ?

    I keep on encountering educated people who scoff at mention of word astrology . They are not even willing to invest their 1 hour in understanding how astrology works but they can waste hundreds of hours in writing against astrology . In my numerous encounters with such persons , when I could demonstrate the efficacy of astrological wisdom through their personal chart reading , these very skeptics turned into blind follower of astrology , which also I do not support as astrology is like science in many ways with its strength and limitations .

    Many persons hate astrology just because some bad , uneducated  astrologer  predicted badly and charged good money . They forget that every discipline has got bad apples and astrology is no exception .

   Coming to dilemma of  an astrologer , if one predicts a  good event , nobody bothers , because it is always expected. So, every astrologer gets his share of name and fame only by bad predictions , which circulate like wild fire. In 2002, I personally experienced it within my family ,when I was professionally challenged to come up with an accurate , time bound prediction with great impact. I did not like to predict a bad event ( of a death ,which I had calculated already ) but I was forced to predict it ,because astrology asks its practitioners to do it for the sake of proving correctness of  astrology .

    And by God’s grace ,it was fulfilled and it not only ended forever  all mud-slinging, debates and non-believing about astrology and astrologers , it also confirmed my status as a good astrologer within my relations , with no more doubts or questions, rather  I should say that  overbelief started. But,even in that prediction , a few persons raised an objection :  why you predicted a bad event , it is against social etiquette and so on…

  So, as an astrologer , if you predict good event , it is least important, if you predict a very bad event but socially it may be bad and if you do not predict , you are a fraud astrologer !!! No profession suffers such situations like an astrologer’s.  If your prediction is wrong ,you are a bad astrologer . But if you are right , then you should also stop it happening . And if you could do that also , then they will again say , it did not happen so you are a bad astrologer ….

Now let me know what is the right option for a good astrologer ?

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