Saturn, Jupiter, Ketu And Corona Crisis

With globally rising panic for Corona Virus , I tried to study the planetary positions during global epidemic . Last such epidemic was Spanish Flu . The 1918 influenza pandemic (January 1918 – December 1920 ) is the last recorded global pandemic , which caused major loss of life and global economy and that too in an unconnected world .

1918 was the year both the WW-I ended and the heaviest pandemic of the modern history burst out. The world of 1918 is too much different from the world prior to the war. The maps changed, the empires collapsed, and new states emerged. These two global disasters caused the death of more than 100 million people and the pandemic influenza was responsible of a much higher mortality rate than the war.

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The Planetary position during that time was like this

Sidereal Planet Position 1918 Spanish Flue

You can see how planet of disease & disruption Ketu is placed in Gemini sign of communication , contact in a scissors like situation with Saturn and Jupiter surrounding it on both sides , justifying the contagious and respiratory nature of the killer disease affecting global population. At that time , it took 3 years to dismantle the yoga formed by these 3 planets . 

Why this combination is Unique ?

Jupiter is considered planet for growth , expansion, protection , general well being , institutional wealth ( national assets , stock markets ) . Saturn is planet for limiting excessive growth or speed just as brake does in an automobile . The two planets come together once every 20 years . So, every 20 years , we have financial spinning for about 2 years and it happened in 1920, 1940, 1960 , 1980, 2000 and now in 2020 . This signifies generational changes in global financial and trading system .

If Ketu get added to this Planetary conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter , it bring sudden , unexpected, natural disruptions to already grim situation .

This has already been discussed in my Financial Astrology Online Class since last 3 years !

Now see 2019 planetary position :

Again the same combination appears in Gemini-Sagittarius axis and a contagious disease is creating panic and sending shock waves in industry and stock market .


This time it may take lesser period , because of technology and united global efforts to deal with this crisis and availability of technology and social media .

During April to June 2020 , it may reduce its impact as Jupiter-Saturn come together in Capricorn while Ketu remains in Sagittarius . After June 2020, Jupiter again joins Ketu and in September 2020 , Rahu-Ketu finally leave Gemini-Sagittarius sign . Therefore , the situation may not be fully recovered until October 2020 .

Short Term View

Mercury is the planet for communication and transport and it has Gemini and Virgo signs . Gemini is for communication / transport while Virgo deals with problems like disease, sickness , accidents , disasters , communicable diseases. Saturn is transiting in Capricorn which is forming 8th Saturn Dhaiyya transit , so communication and commutation ( transport) is to suffer , reinvent itself till April 2022 . With Corona scare , the worst affected sectors are transport and tour industry .

On Feb 1 , 2020 , Mercury entered Aquarius sign , 6th from Virgo , the disease sign and Corona news started getting big Media headlines . On 17th February , it became retrograde and the world started talking only about Corona from this date . On 10th March 2020 , retrogression ends and it becomes direct , so we can expect some relief and on 7th April 2020 , it exits Aquarius . This also gives same timeline , that some reduction or at least media attention get reduced after this date .

Where is India in This Crisis ?

I had discussed Moon Mahadasha for India during 2015-25. Moon happens to be 3rd house lord in Indian Independence Horoscope. 

Within this Mahadasha , we are in a difficult Moon-Saturn antardasha as can be seen below :

Moon-Saturn Period India

So, from December 2019 , we are in Saturn antardasha for 19 months . And we can see the people getting involved in agitation on CAA, NRC , Riots taking place and now Corona Virus scare affecting everyone . India will remain in one or other people related issues during this period which will be difficult to handle for rulers . 

In transit also, Saturn has reached 7th from Cancer Moon of Indian chart , showing depressive events . Capricorn Saturn is otherwise also very people centric sign .You may read about this here . How Capricorn Saturn will Affect You & The World ? 

It is double whammy for India now : Local plus Global Crisis Coming Together !


Astrology hints about times of problems . In times of crisis, we need to unite but usually we fight each other . Next stage of that crisis is natural disasters like Earthquake , thunderstorms, floods, famines , pandemics etc . These forces us to leave our petty disputes and get united .

So, Trump has stopped talking about his Election agenda 2020, on taming China and Iran which he was doing everyday since January 2020 . In India , Hindutva and Secular brigade ( Shahin Bagh ) are now silent . Media has moved now to real crisis where nothing is now in human hands except for waiting for good days !

When we fight unnecessarily , God gives us genuine reasons to fight and dissipate our excess energy and stamina to make us normal again . World War I ended because Spanish flue had started taking toll on armies of both sides !

Update on 6 April 2020

Corona Pandemic Timeline 

  1. Start of Pandemic  :  5 November 2019 when Jupiter joins Ketu .
  2.  China notices Covid-19 and informs WHO by December 2019 end when Jupiter is close in degree to Jupiter .  But people remain indifferent .
  3.  By January 24, 2020 , Saturn enters Capricorn and that makes people scared of the new virus and panic starts world wide as  Saturn moves forward in Capricorn . Mars with Ketu increases it further .
  4.  By March 24,  2020 , Mars gets into Capricorn and moves forward to Saturn and the panic scales new heights , lockdown is announced in India and several countries .
  5. By start of April , Jupiter joins Saturn in Capricorn , reducing panic , bringing hope . Also , Mars crosses Saturn in degree and starts separating from Saturn . So, normalcy to restore gradually in April month .
  6.  Next important date is mid of May 2020 , when Venus , Jupiter and Saturn start their retrograde motion .  So, either Virus strikes back or people get agitated because of lack of money , food , employment or treatment facilities .
  7.  By Start of July 2020, Jupiter again returns to Sagittarius , joins Ketu . This may cause some recurrence of Corona or some other tropical , monsoon related epidemics.
  8. By September 2020 , Rahu-Ketu change sign and virus threat reduces . Jupiter again joins Saturn in November 2020 and degree conjunction happens by December 2020 and Jupiter passes over Saturn finally .
  9.  Virus related scare starts losing its panic value in 2021 beginning .
  10. By April 2022 , when Saturn moves to Aquarius , world has developed a cure for such viruses .


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28 thoughts on “Saturn, Jupiter, Ketu And Corona Crisis”

  1. Sir everybody is saying that there is a time for new initiation. There will be a big change. But none have talked about the change. What kind of change it will be and whether it is harmfil or beneficial to mankind.

  2. I have read Nostradamus prediction of Immortal Hindu Ruler who will bring the fall of middle East and Europe and spread his knowledge. Will this really happen astrologically

    1. 90% predictions published in the name of Nostradamus are fake . It was a small book written in Latin in poetic manner . People keep on interpreting as per their selfish motives . Nobody reads or understands the original text of that book. So,there is no point in believing those fake predictions.

  3. Sir, What do you think, is there any possibility of Tsunami in South India, on 26th June 2023, and War between, India and Pakistan in the Year 2024 ?

      1. Some astrologers predicted Dec 2020 will bring more deadly virus than corona and it will be till March 2021.
        What will you say about it?

        1. That date does have exact Saturn-Jupiter conjunction but by then Ketu would have moved out from Saturn and Jupiter and speed of both planets will be lot faster than March to June 2020 period . So, yes , we may get a second wave of Corona which may be difficult due to winter season . Yet , people will also be prepared this time compared to last winter .

  4. The analysis of parallels between 1918 Spanish flu and that of covid seems to be good. The casting of horoscope for a country in my opinion is incorrect. A piece of land is not the same as a living being who comes into existence. I’m not sure how astrologers have started casting horoscopes of pieces of land labeled as countries today.

    1. Yes , political boundaries of countries keep on changing and their characteristics also change , so only in case of some countries like India, Pakistan , China , where dates are clearly known, we can draw their birth charts but not for every country .

  5. Astrologically what care a person needs to take in such epidemic at home and people like me who are working for essential and emergency services. Where there is possibility of getting exposed and infected. When all this will end and how much will be the effect. What may follow after this wrt healing and world after this epidemic.
    It seems world has not learned from earlier epidemics, closest and deadliest being 1918 plague.
    We can’t say ebola, sars were not dangerous, bit this were dangerous too….why did any country let ot be china or US start all this. Is this man made or natural.

  6. Covid -19 is a China made virus or natural? What does your astrological study show, sir

    1. Since Ketu is involved in the whole combination , it should be natural phenomenon . Rahu involvement would have a man made disaster .

  7. Sir
    Good analysis
    Is the virus man made by China in the lab to destroy the world and to take control over USA

    1. Involvement of Ketu shows , it is natural phenomenon like 1918 but China has played mischief by not telling other countries to take care .

      1. Sir
        What is your view of china becoming financial and military superpower replacing US Aafter the present negative oil price in USA
        Or can India can become super power in the near future

    1. Earliest possible relief is by April end while the precautions would continue till November 2020 ( Ketu sign chnage in Sept, Jupiter in Nov) and thereafter by April 2022 ( Saturn sign change) , the cure would be found via Vaccine .

    1. India has enough luck support, positive , spiritual energy to counter such calamities since thousands of years.

  8. How will india fare in this situation ? Current situation looks promising but critics are sceptical…
    Also Will Hinduism attain it’s older glory and caste system get reformed cause I have read in 2022 a massive change will happen in India and golden years will return From 2023

    1. India will undergo first sanitisation against centuries onslaught of non-Dharmic western , Arabian effects in coming decade, which will cause social unrest . But that is natural when one wants to transform itself. The same happened in China during 1985 to 2000 , after which it started becoming a superpower .

  9. Sir, waiting for your article about Mars mahadasha effect for India.. also sir, do India have Kala sarpa dosha?

        1. Yes . India’s horoscope has Jupiter , the planet of religion / faith in 6th house of conflict so that will always remain a bone of contention in India . I hope you know the underlying cause of this conflict, which partitioned the country in 1947 . This can change if we get another horoscope for India by adopting a different governance system based on an entirely new Constitution.

    1. Saturn in own sign Capricorn and Aquarius creates lot of problems for rulers and then people. Last time it was during 1990-95 , now it is 2020-25 after 30 years . It is time of examination for all.

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